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Introducing The UTAM

I just finished putting together a brand new guide titled, The Universal Truth About Men.  Best of all, it’s a digital PDF guide, so as soon as you sign up today it’ll be delivered to you instantly on the next page. That means you can start benefiting from understanding how men really think just minutes from now!  

I know the deepest, darkest secrets that men are hiding from you, and I explain how I know them.  No man will EVER reveal to you the things that this eBook does.  Yes, if you’ve been having a problem figuring out, “just exactly what’s going on inside that man’s head?”, or why men do certain things regarding women, and what men are actually doing while constantly scheming their next move, here’s your chance to know what no other women knows, GUARANTEED.  This will give you a leg up on your competition for that special guy.  And if you act today, you can practically steal it for just $17!

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This is Black Ops stuff!  Until now, it’s been considered to be “underground”.

It’s been hidden from you forever, until now, and I’m under intense pressure from certain male circles to take this site down.

Here’s How It Works!

This eBook jumps right into the heart of the matter without beating around the bush.  The very first chapter reveals the startling truths about men that NO woman knows and then the following chapters go into more depth to explain specific tactics and techniques men use with women.  I explain the reasons, the excuses, the rationalizations, and even the guilt men sometimes feel when carrying out UTAM activities…. and many other shrouded secrets about men you never knew, as well as tips and advice for dealing with men!  These secrets and much more are finally revealed.  You can now be armed with the knowledge about men you’ve always needed, but your girlfriends won’t tell you ……


Here is just a sampling of things you’ll learn when you get your hands on the UTAM:

  •         The things men are actually doing all the time and you have no idea they’re doing it. (In your presence!)
  •         The tricks men use to endear themselves to you  (and why they do this)
  •         Which men do NOT use UTAM tactics
  •         The techniques men use to secretly look up your skirt
  •         The methods men use to cop a feel without you even knowing it

 I revealed exactly how men think, how they view women, why they act the way they do, and how predicable we are if you know these personal inner secrets that almost all men have.

 What This Isn’t ………………..

I need to be very honest with you …

The UTAM will NOT tell you:

  •         How to decode his body language
  •         How to get him to listen to you
  •     How to get a man to connect with his inner feelings
  •         How to get him to open up to you and express his tender feelings
  •         How to have “Mr. Right” want to become “Mr. Forever.”

All this touchy-feely stuff is reserved for other books.  If this is the kind of information you’re looking for, keep looking.  It’s not in the UTAM.

 You will have something NO other book has offered until now.  The UTAM doesn’t pull any punches. It’s hard-hitting, gets right in there and tells you graphically what men are thinking and how they are executing their carefully thought out plans for dealing with women. 

Why Won’t Men Tell You About the UTAM?

Well .… in the first place, I have to admit it’s somewhat embarrassing that we are so conniving and devious.  It’s not the kind of information you go around telling people about yourself.  You have NO IDEA about some of the tactics men use to seduce women, as well as other ploys.

 And secondly, if we told you all the secrets of the UTAM, obviously it would be more difficult to employ its tactics.


“When I heard about the UTAM I didn’t believe it. But when it was explained in more depth and with examples that I could relate to, then I started to see it must be true. I had no idea men thought like that. Now that I know the secrets of the UTAM, I have a different way I interact with men. Now I know what they’re thinking. I know how to deal with them better now, and that makes me so much more secure and confident in myself.”


Azle, TX

Why You Can Get This For Just $17!

Since this is a digital guide I don’t have much overhead, so I can pass the savings on to you.  But you must act right now to get it before, 1) the price goes up or, 2) I’m forced to take this offer down!    Take a few moments, consider if you want to know what men just absolutely don’t want you to know about how they operate.  Then decide for yourself if you need to know this information or not.

 That’s it.  There you have it.  If you want to know how to go about Understanding Men, if you want to know What Men Want, and if you’re looking for the real Truth About Men, here it is!  If you want it, go for it! You can have your own copy of the UTAM by clicking the button below.  It will be sent to you immediately for downloading electronically in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  It’s yours for only $17.     

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The Universal Truth About Men

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